Honda’s Anna Engine Plant Sees Significant Growth Over 30 Years

August 20th, 2015 by

Honda’s Anna EngineOver the past 30 years, the Honda corporation has seen a number of significant changes in their manufacturing plants. One such plant that has continued to grow and thrive over the past three decades is the Anna Engine Plant which just recently celebrated its 30th Anniversary.

When this plant first opened on July 22, 1985, there were only 94 employees now, the plant has grown to more than 2,800 associates. Additionally, investments in the facility over the years have led to the plant’s size reaching an impressive 2.4 million square feet. At this size, the plant is capable of producing an annual capacity of 1.16 million four-cylinder and V6 engines.

Over the past four years alone more than $800 million has been invested into this plant by Honda. These new investments have led to the production of turbo engines including the new 2.0-liter VTEC® Turbo found in the next generation of Honda Civics. Just last year, the Anna Plant also installed Honda’s technically advanced engine assembly line in North America.

“Even more critical than the investments Honda has made in new technology is the passion and challenging spirit that our associates bring each day to the task of advancing Honda quality, efficiency and performance for our customers here in North America and around the world,” said Paul Dentinger, Anna Engine Plant Manager. “Truly, our associates are powering the future of Honda.”

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