Honda Plus Wind Energy Equals Success for the Future

November 12th, 2015 by

As Mr. Honda once said, “keep chasing your dreams.” As change is in the air for the Honda facility located in Russells Point, Ohio. The Indian Lake High School has been running off of a wind turbine for their energy since 2006. Joe Wauben, Staff administrator of Honda Transmission Mfg. of America, sparked up an idea of reducing the CO2 footprint by 50-percent by 2050 for Honda’s plant across the street from the high school at Indian Lake which has been a beacon for wind energy. Following Honda’s philosophy by being a good neighbor, Wauben, wants to teach the students about being innovative leaders. The overall wind power results supplies more than 12-percent of the plant’s energy. Turbines produce 10,000-megawatt hours of electricity per year. Turbines could power 1,052 homes annually. This is the first auto and Honda plant to establish and utilize wind power for its energy consumption.

The talented team at Mohawk Honda is so pleased to hear such innovation already in action! We are proud to be part of the Honda family that clearly thinks of the generations now and to follow.

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